A Beautiful Summer

Summer Essentials with MK + Suzanne

Can a comprehensive skincare formula containing CBD save your skin this summer? Sweet and Kind’s High Luxe Ultimate Moisturizer contains soothing and calming CBD, and it’s also packed with aloe for even more healing from your time in the sun. High Luxe Illuminating Serum has CBD and Vitamin C that counteracts the sun’s damaging effects. These ingredients are essential for keeping your skin safe and happy in the summer months.

There are lots of things that you shouldn’t go without this summer. Along with our skin and sun care picks, here are a few things we love that will help anyone have a more fabulous summer.

For beautiful summer skin-

High Luxe Illuminating Serum– CBD, Vitamin C, and peptides help reverse the effects of oxidative stress the sun’s rays have on your skin during the summer months. Apply morning and night.

High Luxe Ultimate Moisturizer– of course we are going to recommend our aloe packed moisturizer for days in the sun! (pro tip- we use it to soothe sunburn on our shoulders and anywhere we’ve gotten too much sun.) CBD and green tea also help heal and calm the redness.

MK’s pick for sunscreen- Elta MD tinted SPF 44 no ghost faces here. We love a good tinted SPF with skin friendly ingredients. Glow without the burn.

Suzanne’s pick for sunscreen- La Roche Posay Anthelios melt in milk SPF 60this fluid, non-greasy sunscreen melts into your skin in a flash and feels dry to the touch within moments. Bonus- no white cast. 

For a healthy summer mindset-

The biggest straw hat you can find– we’ve found some great (and inexpensive!) ones at Target and on Amazon. The bigger the better! Don’t forget polarized sunglasses to really beat the glare while you spend time outside.

Mini blender– Suzanne swears by the Blendjet 2 portable blender. Before heading out the door to work or to the beach, load up some fruit, greens, water, and some collagen protein powder, and blend a healthy smoothie on the go. Drink it right out of the blender cup.

JBL Flip speaker– ok, any mini Bluetooth speaker will do, but we love the Flip for it’s amazing bass sound in a cute colorful package. Try the Studio 54 channel on Pandora. Trust us.

We hope this list gives you some inspiration to have your best summer ever. But whatever you wear, use, or do this summer, remember to enjoy and HAVE FUN!