About Us

We’re no Mother Theresa. But we are kind to the pore.

We are real people with real skin (and everything that comes with it!) And we know that real people want products that work. Botanicals proven to soften lines and protect the skin from all the unkindness the world throws at it. That’s why every aspect of our products has been thoughtfully, intentionally formulated. No nonsense here. Just ingredients that get you glowing. How do we know? Because they’ve worked on us.

After years of trying to do it all, we’ve learned that self-care makes us better mothers, partners, colleagues, and friends. We’ve learned that kindness must first start within. So we’re out to make that kind of self-care accessible to all, with a product that is kind to the skin, the senses, and the soul. Effective, luxurious ingredients that are available and accessible for real people.

A sweet reminder for us all to be a little kinder to ourselves.

Our vision is clear.

In our vision the world looks a whole lot more kind. Not saccharine sweet. But authentic and generous. We want to share with people the remarkable benefits of CBD skin care— redefining what it means to glow. We aim to create a community that supports one another with a little kindness and a whole lot of sass. And even beyond that, we want to be part of a world that finds more kindness through authenticity, thoughtfulness, and that glorious butterfly effect that begins, first… with loving ourselves.

Our Promise is Real.


There are so many misconceptions around CBD. But the benefits to our skin and our health are just too profound to be kept off limits any longer. In fact, no one should be barred from experiencing this powerful plant extract. We believe it can truly help the masses. So we believe in doing everything we can to make CBD accessible to all.

We also believe in being straight with you, and bringing CBD into the light with real facts and science. So if you’re curious about this powerful ingredient, then come with us. Because we will always be transparent about the quality of our CBD. And we will never make claims that are unsubstantiated.

Yes, kindness starts inward. But once we’ve been kind to ourselves, we believe in looking around to see where else we can help. That means living Sweet and Kind to the environment. So our ingredients are ethically sourced, and our packaging is recyclable. And we’re perpetually looking for more sustainable ways to make our process Kind to Mama Earth.

Cofounders, Mary Katherine Schenkel and Suzanne Zelov, are native Southerners, CBD advocates, and the ultimate besties and skin care junkies. In early 2018 they discovered they both had been successfully using CBD for various issues, and in their discussions, they began to notice that it was remarkably improving the look of their skin. Conspiring to expand on that, they worked with experienced chemists to create anti-aging skin care that goes far beyond the current CBD skin and body formulations, utilizing some of the most effective active ingredients available today.