Don’t Be Scared (of Winter Skin)

Well here we are at the end of October already. It feels like summer just floated away from our grasp on a cool crisp breeze. Those cooler breezes have us thinking about our skin care regimen and how we can transition our skin into colder weather. As we’ve mentioned before, the retinoids in High Luxe Illuminating Serum can help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation that may have us all seeing spots from too much sun. But there are other important ingredients we need to be using to keep skin from looking (and feeling) dehydrated and tired looking this winter.

We’re both addicted to these formulas year round, but in winter, we are super vigilant about using them morning and night.

MK and Suzanne

Why CBD will be your best bud this fall and beyond.

Hemp extract (CBD) is one of the most amazing ingredients to get skin hydrated. The Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids in CBD offer protection from free radicals. These are molecules produced by the body in reaction to oxidative stressors, such as environmental toxins and UV light, that ultimately cause damage to our skin. Another way CBD helps winter skin is when the coldest winds chafe our skin, the calming properties of CBD can step in to reduce the appearance of redness and flaking. We’ve seen it tackle some of the texture issues that come with ageing skin, and we love the results. And don’t forget- the sun can still do plenty of damage in winter, so you’ll need to continue to apply SPF daily.

Go for some High Luxe this season.

High Luxe Illuminating Serum has Vitamin C to brighten and protect, Jojoba Oil to moisturize, and CBD and CoQ10 to protect and calm. Each of these are excellent winter time ingredients we all should be using. High Luxe Ultimate Moisturizer contains Aloe and Cucumber to help hydrate and retain moisture, while regulating oil production to keep breakouts away. Both High Luxe Serum and Moisturizer contain CBD to help calm the skin. And they both also have Peptides to promote the rebuilding of collagen in ageing skin. We’re both addicted to these formulas year round, but in the winter we are super vigilant about using them both morning and night. And our skin shows the appreciation!

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