Falling In

Greetings from Colorado!

Well, it’s time to transition from our sandals to our boots, air out the sweaters, and get our skincare routine in order for the cooler weather that is looming. We just took a trip with our husbands to Colorado for a few days and it was magical. Fall, and the cooler weather that accompanies it, show up first in higher elevations, so we were able to see the Aspens turn right before our eyes during our stay. And you could tell who was ready for fall to begin, and who wasn’t ready to see summer leave, each dressed in either a jacket or sweater, or in shorts and sandals. An interesting contrast for sure.

We both love being in CO, because besides the beautiful vistas in the Rockies, we can check out what’s happening in the hemp world. Lot’s of great advances being made with CBG (helps with sleep and is replacing melatonin as an amazing sleep aid) and CBN (the “mother” of all cannabinoids that is great for relaxation and easing soreness or nerve pain). We’re able to try some of the products we’ve read about and even bring some home. It was an amazing reminder of how important having these cannabinoids in our lives really is for optimal health. And it will be even more important to remember the hydrating and protective benefits CBD offers your skin this fall and winter. We found our skin was drier in the higher elevations, so High Luxe Serum and Moisturizer were real saving graces for hydration without feeling oily..

Colorado was also great because our husbands both like to fish and some major fly fishing was happening on the Colorado River this past weekend! Lots of catch and release trout for those two on Saturday, and then a celebration of MK’s and her husband’s wedding anniversary at an amazing alpine style restaurant. We did some light hikes around Vail and Breckenridge, had tacos and beer at Vail Brewing, and ate lunch outside a few times in Beaver Creek Village. It felt so good to be in a place where everyone could be outdoors enjoying themselves. Especially since we’re creeping up on that time of year we all scurry back inside to hibernate (eeeek).

We have some exciting things coming up and we can’t wait to tell you all about them! We’re updating our look (even brands and labels need a glow-up sometimes), and we have some new products we’ll be telling you about in the coming weeks. Stay Sweet and Kind, and stay tuned!