High Luxe Illuminating Serum


High Luxe Illuminating Serum

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Your skincare regimen is not the place to skimp. In fact, we think it should be luxe. Like, High Luxe.

Our High Luxe Illuminating Serum has everything you would want to include in your skin care regimen, and then some. It features CBD, an anti-inflammatory and redness reducer that’s also chocked full of antioxidants that fight free radicals working to age your skin. In fact, this serum is the marriage of your favorite anti-aging compounds with the best powerhouse ingredients found in nature. It hydrates, reduces inflammation and combats external damaging agents. Though it’s powerful, its scent is light, botanical and uplifting. So add some luxe to your life and get your glow on. Your skin will thank you.

(1oz/30ml) – 30mg CBD

Contains less than .3% THC

Key Ingredients:

Organic, Colorado grown, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (aka CBD. The good stuff): CBD is a naturally occurring non-intoxicating compound in the hemp plant (meaning it won’t get you high) and ours is third-party tested for purity. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory with potent antioxidant effects, which means it will fight free radicals attempting to age your skin. And then…there’s the glow. A soft and dewy feel to your skin after it’s applied topically. Sounds sweet, right? We think so.

CoQ10: Encourages collagen and elastin production while working as a powerful antioxidant. Increases cell energy production and has even been shown to decrease the depth of wrinkles (yes, please.)

Peptides: Promote collagen production which can increase skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles (need we say more?)

Acmella Flower: “Nature’s Botox” (!) Applied topically, Acmella flower can help reduce muscle tension, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles caused by tense/contracted facial muscles.

Green Tea: Anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and irritation. Antibacterial properties inhibit bacteria that causes acne and clogged pores. Essentially, Green Tea is one of Nature’s powerhouse ingredients.

Vitamin A: Encourages healthy skin cell production.

Vitamin C: A super-star skin brightener, Vitamin C works wonders to help even the tone of your skin.

Vitamin E: An effective antioxidant, moisturizes and softens skin.

Neroli: Extract from the flower of the bitter orange tree, it’s known to reduce inflammation, regulate sebum production, and it’s scent is believed to enhance mood. And it delivers on it’s promise.

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High Luxe Illuminating Serum


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4 reviews for High Luxe Illuminating Serum

  1. Jennifer S.

    Did someone say “decrease the depth of wrinkles?” Yes , please! I have been using the serum nightly, in conjunction with the High Luxe Ultimate Moisturizer, and after only 2 weeks, the multiple ‘laugh’ lines (outside of my laughing zone, mind you) have practically disappeared. I no longer feel the need to slam the visor mirror closed when checking my T-zone in full sunlight! Having never used a product with CoQ10 and Acmella Flower, I’m convinced these two ingredients are making a difference in this 50-year-old skin! I’m Highly Satisfied with High Luxe Illuminating Serum!

  2. Ivana Z.

    I am turning 30 this year and preventative aging is top of the to-do list. I purchased the illuminating serum to help prevent wrinkles and sun damage. I absolutely love this product – not only does the serum reduce the wrinkles (especially those pesky “11’s” on my T-zone) but it also helps with my dry/combination skin (oily here, dry there.) The Illuminating Serum also hydrating but it doesn’t weigh down on your skin like other products. I can’t wait to try the other products that Sweet + Kind offers! Muscle Rub I’m looking at you!

  3. Shari N.

    I started using the serum-moisturizer combo about 8 weeks ago and am blown away by the results! Twelve weeks of chemotherapy for breast cancer – coupled with dry western winter winds -had left my skin dry, dull and lifeless. In 2 short months, Sweet+Kind’s High Luxe combo has restored my skin with a vibrant glow! These weightless, light-and-freshly scented products absorb easily and have gently rejuvenated my skin without redness or irritation. The first thing people notice (besides that my eyebrows have grown back) is how clean and healthy my skin looks!! Hoping you add an eye cream soon!!

  4. Shari N.

    Along with the High Luxe Ultimate Moisturizer, the Illuminating Serum has been a major game changer as my skin recovers from a long, harsh winter and 12 weeks of chemo for breast cancer. The concentrated-yet-lightweight formula absorbs easily and has restored my skin’s vitality without irritation. The natural scent is perfect and I’m loving all the compliments I’m receiving!!

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