High Relief Muscle Cream with CBD and Arnica

(31 customer reviews)


“How did I pull that?”
“When did this start to hurt?”
“What the **** happened here?”

Muscle aches got you down? It’s high time for High Relief.

We’ve had those days. A muscle pain out of nowhere. Maybe it’s from the gym, maybe from reaching for a pint of gelato at the back of the freezer. Our High Relief Muscle Rub is a cooling, light-weight cream that absorbs quickly into your skin. CBD is our key ingredient here. We’ve combined it with skin and sense-soothing Lavender, Peppermint, and Chamomile for a formula that will feel as good as it smells. Apply it to your sore muscles. Let it melt into your skin. Breathe in the bright and uplifting scent. Aaah. Caring for your aches isn’t just a delight, it’s your right.

(2oz/60ml) – 150mg CBD

Contains less than .3% THC

Our products are free from Gluten, Sulfates, Parabens, and Mineral Oil
Cruelty Free – Formulated and Produced in the USA

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High Relief Muscle Cream with CBD and Arnica


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31 reviews for High Relief Muscle Cream with CBD and Arnica

  1. Debra Zelov

    Soothes and refreshes muscles, love the tingling rejuvenating feel from muscle rub that soothes and refreshes muscles after tennis and work outs.

  2. rogcb12

    Used this for joint inflammation along with the oil tincture, and it works great. I am a believer of CBD. Sweet Kind’s products are fantastic and the website, service, and delivery are spot on. Would recommend to anyone….

  3. melanierabb

    This is a wonderful product. It really works and works quickly. Super glad I tried it. I had my sister in law try in on her knee. She said it relieved her pain and helped her sleep thru the night. Definitely recommend.

  4. Em Me

    This is a great product! I work with my hands all day so I use High Relief every night to help reduce wrist pain! Love the tingling feeling it gives you. Definitely give this a try if you’re feeling sore.

  5. Carolyn L. Cumby

    Carolyn C
    I have used this product throughout the year on my upper legs after an afternoon of riding and it helps with the soreness I sometimes experience. I am very pleased with the results and I am going to reorder.

  6. Merritt Babiy

    Absolutely love this muscle rub!! Helps tremendously to alleviate chronic back and hip pain and it smells amazing!

  7. Jeff Smith

    This stuff is great! Relieves all of the pain in my knees after a long day. Totally recommend!

  8. Jenny7711

    Works good
    This muscle rub cream works really great on sore tired muscles. Just rub it in and your muscles start to relax. Plus it has a great peppermint smell to it. It really works and will continue using!

  9. Stscyjj0129

    This is amazing!!
    This product works so well. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical but I gave it a try anyways since I’ve been having some elbow pain plus I I have constant muscular aches and pains due to exercising. It really soothes my achy muscles and felt so relaxing going on. It was like a little treat to myself. The real proof was in my elbow though. I don’t know info have tennis elbow or what but my elbow has been getting progressively more painful the past few Months and Sweet and Kind High Relief Muscle Rub made my pain so much less severe. It didn’t take it away completely but it took it was enough to where I forgot about it! I will be purchasing this in the future for sure. I’m so happy I found a way to soothe my sore joints/muscle!

  10. Amberloomis1978

    This sweet & Kind muscle relief rub is just what I needed to calm these aching muscles! I have been using this for 14 days now. I love that it has no smell so I don’t smell harsh. I also love that it isn’t greasy. A little dab goes a long way. Just apply a small amount to irritated area,it releaves in a matter of minutes. Recommend use daily. Highly recommend product.

  11. Sharon

    REALLY helps!
    I’m always leery of trying a new cream on my skin…afraid of reactions. However, I tried this immediately upon receipt because I have a lot of muscle and bone pain. And I am very pleased to say this really helps my muscle pain! No reaction to the cream itself on my skin either. In fact, it left my skin quite soft after rubbed in, without any greasy residue to wipe off on my clothing! The only issue I had with it was the scent. A tad bit too much for my liking. However, unlike other creams, this scent wears off, and isn’t embarrassing in public! I would highly recommend “”High Relief”” muscle rub!

  12. Amyboylephoto

    Love this product!
    Tensions are running high during this quarantine and world of Covid. Your muscles may be tighter than normal and over exertion leaving to a stiff self. Using high relief was fabulous it smells great it feels good I can’t recommend it enough!

  13. JessM77

    Soreness relief!!
    Sweet & Kind High Relief Muscle Rub is amazing. I rubbed it on my sore calves and it helped relieve them so much that I was actually surprised how good it was. I would say this is much better than muscle rubs that I have used before. I would buy this product again and I do recommend for anyone experiencing muscle soreness. The smell of the rub was amazing also.

  14. sprinklestar

    Best Muscle Soothing Cream
    I’ve tried many, but no other product has lasted as long as this has to relieve my muscle pain.

  15. Freya

    I was a skeptic
    I’ve used this daily since it arrived. I really had my doubts about it. I was very surprised at how well it’s worked on my neck. I use it at least twice a day. I tell everyone about it now. I highly recommend this.

  16. Taza8

    Terrrific product
    I absolutely love this muscle rub. I’m a cyclist and I train several days a week and I’m often finding myself a little sore and I reach for this muscle rub. It is easy to apply and smells nice. It helps me to feel my best and I can ride more

  17. Denise

    Muscle Aches and Pains.
    this product was just okay – I have Arthritis and Sciatica and it really didn’t do any good for me. It might be because I have a severe case and need something stronger. I however strained my upper arm and it was sore and it worked great in that area. So if you are working out and are a little sore this product is fantastic. I would recommend for after work out routines, but nothing more.

  18. Nan

    Good product.
    I like the rub. It has a cool temp and very creamy to rub on. The smell s a bit strong but not a negative just doesn’t mix with perfume, etc. The cream goes on smoothly but takes a while to absorb completely and even when absorbed it still feels sticky. I would probably buy again because it does work for pain relief.

  19. Debbale

    Wonderful aroma!
    I had the opportunity to use the High Relief cream after painting my house. My muscles were screaming at me. So after a long hot shower i rubbed the cream where ever I hurt. The aroma was wonderful and very relaxing but the muscle relief was just OK. I will say I did fall a sleep easily after massaging the cream in but woke up in the morning still in major pain. I used the cream for three days three times a day and by the end of the third day I was feeling better. I wonder if it was the cream or the fact it had been three days? I did really like the relaxing aroma though! Would I recommend this to a friend is maybe for after a work out or a hike but not for major pain. I do believe Icy Hot worked faster in the past than this did. But again I smelled a lot better with the High Relief!

  20. Autumn E

    Works Very Well.
    Used this after a work out to help my muscles feel less sore. This product worked really well. The smell was not overwhelming like some of these muscle relief products can be. I have used this on my neck as well to help relieve tensions on my upper back from sitting at a desk all day. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs some muscle or pain relief.

  21. AlliBrookeB

    How did I make it so long without this muscle rub???
    I use this on my legs after a long day in the theme parks or long walks around my neighborhood. It takes the pain away almost immediately. I use it daily and highly recommend this product.

  22. Hannah Hernandez

    Good relief muscle rub.
    This cream is the most effective cream I have used! I use it on my hands and it works very well. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  23. ksb38020

    Works Great.
    This muscle cream is a cooling, light-weight cream that absorbs quickly into your skin. With CBD being the key ingredient . The combination of Lavender, Peppermint, and Chamomile creates a formula that feels as good as it smells ! I have used this for everything from light aches and pains to aching sore muscles and it never let’s me down. This absorbs quickly into the skin and the aroma is pleasant and not harsh. I highly recommend this cream.

  24. Deb

    Lovely smell!
    I haven’t had too many muscle aches to test this product on, but decided to try it on my feet. As a type 2 diabetic, I get occasional intense itching in my feet that scratching just doesn’t help. The smell of the lotion is so nice. A soft, peppermint candy aroma, reminiscent of Christmas and the starlight mints in Grandpa’s pocket! The silly cream also felt very hydrating, adding some much needed moisture to my feet. It was easy to massage into my feet and leaves then feeling soft and smooth. It does seem to be helping with the discomfort in my feet. More testing is needed, but I do like the way they are feeling after applying the product!

  25. AMELAA21

    Amazing cream.
    This cream has helped me truly in my muscle ache. I do have a fybromyalalga and my pain in muscles when weather gets cooler outside gives me pain in my bones and muscles becomes sore and I have lots of cramps. This cream made it easier and I have noticed the change within a week after using it. Less pain and great relief. I will definitely buy it in the future and would highly recommend it.

  26. BabsNC

    Muscle rub OK.
    I really didn’t notice much of a difference after using the cream. It smells nice and feels soothing while applying so that is why I gave it two stars.

  27. Chloerlz

    Works amazing!
    This cream worked wonders on my sore muscles. As soon as I applied it, my aches started to go away. I love the tingling sensation it gives and the smell of peppermint is so refreshing. I highly recommend this cream, you will be so amazed by it.

  28. Doraj19

    Sweet & Kind is My Kind Of Relief.
    Sweet & Kind High Relief Muscle Rub was an unexpected surprise to me. I’ve been doing a lot of work around the house and it’s aggravating my arthritis. I tried this on my wrist and knuckles first, to try it out. It was shocking. I still cannot believe it worked so well. It rubs in well. It feels silky in texture like a regular lotion. It absorbs completely and it’s not greasy at all. It has a very light scent, which I love because I don’t want strong fragrances on my skin. I highly recommend this cream for aches and pains.

  29. Gail

    Having rheumatoid arthritis in several joints, I was anxious to see if this cream could help relieve some knee pain. I did notice some reduction in soreness on my right knee after I applied the cream, but the strong scent was somewhat overwhelming. I might purchase in the future.

  30. LatABou

    It works!
    And that’s Sweet-Kind High Relief Muscle Soothing Cream. I followed the instructions on the 2 FL OZ jar and my muscle pain was very much relieved. The sweet smell is nice, but will get stronger after applying. The smell is noticeable by others even after I leave a room. If that’s not a problem for most people and it doesn’t bother you then I give it a thumbs up and a rating of 5 stars for me.

  31. skylasage

    works great
    This high relief muscle rub works great. It smells pleasant and rubs in and is not greasy. It works great and provides nice pain relief. I have found it very effective. I would highly recommend this muscle rub to anyone that needs relief.

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