Welcome to the Revolution

We are at the beginning of a revolution (again).

We’ve all heard that word used before. We hear that this or that product, is revolutionary. Or we’re in a tech revolution. Websters defines it this way:

1b: a completion of a course (as of years)

2 : a sudden, radical, or complete change

The word revolutionary in the beauty world is tossed around quite a bit. Every founder believes that their product will revolutionize the way you use (insert product you’ve always used here), to make way for theirs. We are no exception here at Sweet and Kind. We have long believed that using the Hemp Plant in skin and body care is revolutionary. Why? Because it’s a radical idea? Nope. It’s just coming back around. 

You see, hemp has been used for thousands of years for a variety of healing purposes, and it was only in the last century that it was swept up into a “war on drugs” that incorrectly labeled it a hazard to humans, simply because of the THC compound (found in marijuana). Even things like rope and textiles that were once considered the gold standard in strength and durability could not be made here because they were made of hemp. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? It is.


The Cannabis Sativa family of plants includes two types of plants; marijuana, which contains the psychoactive compound THC, and hemp, which contains very little if any THC, and mostly the compound CBD. These plant compounds (even a small amount of THC) are known to work well together and to be beneficial to the human body. Our bodies have built in receptors, collectively called the Endocannabinoid system, for the compounds of this healing plant. Research has shown that these receptors, when activated, send signals to the body’s systems  promoting balance and calm.

CBD has anecdotally been reported to ease some typical responses our bodies have to environmental stressors such as, inflammation, cell damage from free radicals, and general anxiety. Much more research will be done on how the body reacts to cannabinoids now that hemp has been decriminalized, and preliminary research and anecdotal stories are promising.

In formulating our products, we combined the best of what nature has to offer (Colorado hemp anyone?) with scientifically proven active ingredients to help calm, rejuvenate, and restore. Hemp is a welcome addition to these natural healing natural actives, and gives staying power to CBD skin and body care products.

Welcome to the healing revolution.