What Are Your Rituals?

What rituals make you relaxed and happy?

Do you ever stop to think about your movements during the day? We all have little habits that that we get into (good and bad). Some of those habits (hopefully the good ones) can turn into rituals for us. Simply getting up and grabbing a cup of coffee and watching the sun rise can be a ritual that starts your day or week off right. Other than religious, tribal, and cultural rituals, there are the ones we create for ourselves, that keep us sane, happy and healthy.

Likely, your skin care and body care rituals have developed over time. By the time you get into your 40’s you pretty much know what works for you, or you have a really good idea. Of course things change in our lives that offer opportunities to create new rituals, and rid ourselves of ones that no longer serve us. But as long as we create them, and keep creating them, we will always have something familiar with which we can comfort ourselves.

This month we are sharing our favorite rituals with you that include some of our products, as well as other things that make the rituals complete. We are also giving away these items so you can hopefully share in the joy these rituals bring to us. Do we want you to copy our rituals for yourself? Sure, if it works for you. But mainly we want you to incorporate them in a ritual you already have or can create to bring yourself joy. 

Here’s a look at our sanity saving, joy bringing, energy producing, and relaxation inducing rituals-

Mary Katherine- I’m not a morning person AT ALL. But when I get up, I start with a big glass of water. It really makes me feel like I’m flushing out the toxins that built up overnight, and it gets my energy up. I turn on some tunes to get me in a good mood (anything from Lady Gaga to Michael Kiwanuka), and then I splash some cool water on my Croon facial cleansing pad to give my face a gentle morning cleanse. After that I grab my rose quartz roller. Sometimes I’ll put my roller in the refrigerator overnight, because a cold roller on my face feels amazing, and helps with de-puffing my face and eye area. I’ll apply my High Luxe Illuminating Serum after I splash my face with water, and then use my roller in an upward motion to massage it into my face. This helps the vitamin C, CBD, and peptides absorb into my skin. I follow that up with a dime size amount of High Luxe Ultimate Moisturizer, so I get some soothing avocado and aloe, and then apply my SPF. This is the ritual that gets me up in the morning and get’s my day off to a good start. Every. Single. Time.

Mk’s go to for her morning ritual is High Luxe Illuminating Serum

Suzanne- I carry all of my stress in my shoulders and neck. I always have. I’ve developed a nighttime ritual that I can’t do every night, but I get it in whenever I can because it’s so effective for me. I run a hot (but not too hot) bath in my tub. Now, I have a great tub that I love, but a shower can be just as effective. While the tub is filling, I take a soft bristled brush and begin dry brushing my skin. I always start at the tips of my extremities (think fingers and toes), and then begin brushing, in gentle long strokes, toward my heart. This stimulates circulation, helps with lymphatic drainage, and exfoliates my skin before I even get in the tub. After I’ve soaked for a while, I open my High Relief Muscle Soothing Cream and rub some into my neck and temples. The CBD and arnica give me the relief from my aches that I need, as well as some aromatherapy from the lavender and mint. It’s so soothing. Then I hop into some soft pj’s and turn on my Calm app for some stories or soothing sounds before drifting off.  Zzzzz. Zzzzz.

Suzanne’s relaxation favorite is High Relief

Well, there you have it. Now head over to our Instagram page @sweetandkindco and learn more about how to enter our Radiant Rituals Giveaway so you can win all the products we use to keep ourselves Sweet & Kind!