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Check out what our customers are saying about Sweet and Kind.

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  1. Celia Lee

    Went out one night with a friend & it was the best I’ve seen her skin look & kept complimenting her. She then told me about sweet + kind. I ordered the High Luxe Ultimate Moisturizer & High Luxe Illuminating Serum in December but didn’t start using it until after the first of the year. I’m lucky to have good skin & do my best to research & look for the best products (that are reasonably priced). I can’t say money is no object but it is & this is a little pricey for me but worth it! My 86-year old mother who lives with me keeps telling me how beautiful my skin looks. My jar is going quicker than normal & I’m wondering if she’s dipping into it :-)!!This last Saturday I went to my esthesician for dermaplaning & she was in awe with how great my skin looked & felt. She said it felt, “like a baby’s bottom!” Hands down, the best products I’ve ever used!!

  2. Sweet and Kind

    Thank you so much! We love hearing your feedback and we LOVE that a friend told you! And we love even more that you are (somewhat 😉 willing to share with your mom! Thanks for reaching out, and please be sure to follow us on Instagram @sweetandkindco so you can keep up with our product launches and giveaways!
    Stay Sweet+Kind! , MK and Suz

  3. Casey

    I’ve been using the moisturizer and serum everyday after my shower everyday, before bed and every morning and it’s working so well!! It is not too thick at all and makes my skin so soft and hydrated especially in winter when I have awful dry flakey skin (which is also acne prone. Thank you so so much for your products!! Life changing!

    1. Sweet and Kind

      Thank you for your kind words! We can’t tell you how much we love hearing how our formulations are benefitting your skin. Makes our day! Please be sure to keep in touch if you have any questions and also follow us on Instagram @sweetandkindco and sign up for our email newsletter to keep up with our product launches and promotions!
      Stay Sweet+Kind, MK and Suz

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